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The NIST Educational STEM Resource Registry provides access to a wide range of educational content, such as short videos featuring the "SI Superheroes", short lessons about the metric system, and information about real-world applications and internships. NEST-R helps educators and others quickly find relevant content that brings STEM curriculum to life, sparks interest, and keeps students engaged.

NEST-R catalogs STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational resources produced by NIST staff, letting users search both by free text and using a tailored filtering system to locate the resources that are most applicable to their needs.

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This registry is developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology as part of an effort by the Educational Outreach Working Group, a multi-divisional team involving staff from the Communications Technology Laboratory, the Material Measurement Laboratory, the Physical Measurement Laboratory, the Information Technology Laboratory, the Public Affairs Office, and the Information Services Office.