What is NESTR?

NESTR (the NIST Educational STEM Resource Registry) is a collection of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) educational resources published by NIST researchers. The system allows for browsing and exploring these resources by topic, school subject, grade level, etc. and new records are added after review by the "Educational Outreach Working Group" at NIST.


How do I get access to NESTR?

Resources contained within the NESTR registry are visible to anyone without needing to create an account or logging in. If you wish to contribute or add a resource, please contact the NIST Educational Outreach Working Group at


What are some of the activities I can do in NESTR?

Any unregistered user can browse, search, and explore educational resources, filtering by resource type, topic, grade level, target audience, etc. Registered users can submit resources for inclusion in the registry, which will then be reviewed by the Educational Outreach Working Group prior to publication in the registry.


Can I access data from NESTR using a RESTful API?

Yes, NESTR supports RESTful APIs. The NESTR REST API allows for integration with other Web services, and automated data entry, query, and retrieval. The REST API documentation can be accessed here.


How do I get help with questions?

Please contact the NIST Educational Outreach Working Group by email at with any questions about the registry, or use the contact form.